Ombreine is here!

Available as digital downlaod (incl. booklet) & as CD (6p digipack)

We are proud to present you our latest release containing three songs, forged in late 2022 and early 2023, telling of transience, the vanity of being and nature’s destructive force that slumbers within all of us.

We’d like to thank all noble souls that were involved in the realization process, first and foremost all backers who, in our crowdfunding campaign, provided us with the essential monetary means and showed so much love and support. Thank you for being our foundation, our tree roots.

Our gratitude for a seamless, gratifying collaboration and big respect for their incredible work go out to:

Serge Spiga for the drum recordings at The Clockwork Studios
Andrei Jumugă and Cristian “Jimmy” Popescu for post-recording production at Consonance Studio, Timisoara, Romania
Andy Rosczyk at Goblin Sound Studio for mixing
Jonas Ekström at Northmastering for mastering
Markus Eck at Metalmessage for tirelessly spreading the word as our favourite Promotorhead
Jaleesa Eves for English language advisory concerning lyrics
Christoph Rutschi for advice with Bernese German pronunciation
Manvarle for all related band pictures
Simon at for distribution

Thank you all, dear listeners of the wazzara coven, for tuning in & giving Ombreine a spin – we really hope you’ll enjoy this one!

A lot of good things have happened lately: We got back the finished mix and masters of our new three songs and we are extremely thrilled with the result.

The mix was done by Andy Rosczyk at Goblin Sound Studio – and this was absolutely the right decision; Andy understood our compositions perfectly and gave them the exact sound shape the songs needed.

For the mastering we worked again with Jonas Ekström at Northmastering as we did for our last releases. Once again, Jonas produced a perfectly brilliant sound.

And so we are happy to announce that Ombreine will be released on April 30, 2023.

The release show will take place on April 1, 2023 at Met-Bar Lenzburg, together with Forced Shadow and Barbara offering one of her solo acoustic performances.
So everyone present will hear the new wazzara songs as the very first, before the official release. We are looking forward to seeing you there!


© // Philip Schick

Yes, we’ve already been teasing it here and there and are now pleased to announce a new release for 2023. The songwriting is finished, the tracks are currently being refined and will be recorded soon. We are excited to embark on this new journey and of course look forward to sharing the finished songs with you. More insights soon!

The long wait is over: Today, CYCLES is revealed to the world.

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Drums were played by Andrei Jumugă and recorded by Andrei Jumugă and Cristian «Jimmy» Popescu at Consonance Studio, Timişoara, Romania.
Lead & rhythm guitar was played by Mäsi Stettler; bass by George Necola, plucked guitar & vocals by Barbara Brawand.
Guitars, bass and vocals were recorded by George Necola.

Pre-Production by George Necola & Lewis Johns
Mixed by Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House in Southampton, UK
Mastered by Jonas Ekström at Northmastering in Stockholm, Sweden

Cover illustration by Pierre Brost

All lyrics and music written by Barbara Brawand, except:
Wolf Moon: music & lyrics by Peter Thomas Steele
Inwards & Fissures: music by George Necola & Barbara Brawand

This album exists thanks to crowdfunding. Immense and huge thanks to everyone who supported us!