Dear listeners,
I am very happy to announce that wazzara is now a full band!
I have never abandoned the plan to bring wazzara on stage, even though in these times it is very uncertain when shows can be played again under ’normal‘ conditions.
We remain confident and step on it, call it escapism or hopeless optimism. But! we are not only preparing a full live set these days but are also creating new material that will evolve in a full album hopefully sometime soon.

Meet the band:
Babs: Vocals, Guitar, composing (other bands: Between Giants, Isôt estrange, ex-Caladmor)
Mäsi: Guitar (ex-Caladmor)
George: Bass, composing, producing (Between Giants, ex-Lost Chapter, ex-Blasted)
Julia: Drums (Dead Milly)

I am very happy to be now surrounded and supported by these fine people and exceptionally good musicians.

And so may a new chapter unfold…

Picture: it is a great honour that we were able to work with Manuel Vargas Lepiz (Manvarle) again. He is an outstanding photographer and very pleasant to work with. Many thanks Manuel!

It is with great excitement that I introduce you to the first wazzara merch!

This beautiful maiden of the sea accompanied by otherworldly fish is crafted by none other than Joan Llopis Doménech Illustrations / @joan_llopis_illustrations
I am very proud to have Joan’s amazing art on our very first merch series.

Order here:

Every order includes a free download of wazzara’s EP zessa.

Thank you very much for your support!

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