what lies beneath – from EP Ombreine [2023]
Acting/performance by Jamuna Mirjam Zweifel:
Video production, editing & grading by Barbara Brawand
DoP: George Necola, Mäsi Stettler, Barbara Brawand
Drone Operator: Mäsi Stettler
Costume design & execution by Barbara Brawand

visiûne – from EP Ombreine [2023]
Video production:
Produced by: Jan Sung-Kuy Kroeni und Katharina S. Kadler
DoP/Editing/Grading: Jan Sung-Kuy Kroeni
2nd Camera: Till Kadler
Assistant: Koni Stettler

Guggisberglied – from EP Ombreine [2023]

Filmed by Rob Miola and Nicolas De Nisco, edited by Rob Miola
Make-Up & Hair by Rahel Nell Hair & Make-up
Band shots filmed at

mænic – first song of full-length-album CYCLES
Lyric video by Olga Kann Art / Design

Wazzara – official video – as the stars released 2020, filmed in Switzerland, edited by Barbara

Wazzara – official video – out of the swamp released 2020, filmed in Switzerland, edited by Barbara

zessa will be released worldwide on August 31, 2019, containing the four songs As the Stars, The Ferryman, Out of the Swamp (I’ll rise) and zessa.

Title track of the EP zessa.